Twilight Imperium 4

I seem to have found a new obsession. So much so, that I have a new 2nd favorite game. I like Twilight Imperium 4 even more than I like Scythe. Advanced Squad Leader still holds the top position.


Twilight Imperium 4 is “An epic board game of conquest, politics, and trade.” That comes straight off the side of the box, and it sums it up pretty well. The game takes around 8 hours to play, and it is worth every minute. There are 17 factions in the box and I want to play them all. The goal of the game is simple: get 10 points. As soon as one player gets to 10, the game instantly ends. How you get to 10 is by scoring objectives, both public and private. Combat is a good part of the game, but if all you do is pick fights, you will never get to 10. Just like the box says, conquest, politics, and trade are all important. The galaxy looks huge when you start the game but before you know it all of the planets are accounted for, and that is where the fun really takes off.

I have a couple different groups that are playing the game now, which points to its appeal. Any time you can get 6 people together to play a game for 8 hours, you know it is a good one. We are playing this for our monthly game day on June 30. I will let you know how it went.

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