Chile 73

For our April gaming day, we wanted to try a new Brian Train game called Chile ’73, published by Tiny Battles Publishing. Chile ’73 is a 2-4 played game set in – you guessed it – Chile 1973 in the time leading up to the disposition of Allende. The players each play a faction that is vying for power once the revolution begins. You accumulate forces – military, paramilitary, and civilian – that you can use to seize power once someone starts the coup.

There are some things about this game that I really like. I like the secret acquisition of forces, and I like the secret allegiances that are written down before the game begins. I like the public declaration of allegiance once the coup begins. There is a lot to like about this game, but there are some problems, too.

There are a few physical problems with the game, such as areas of the map that are misleading or hard to understand. There are problems with the counters. There are a couple oddities with the rules.

The thing that bothered me the most was that I felt like the entire game came down to one die roll after the coup. Once the coup hits, you roll one die to determine who goes first, then proceed clockwise. Because I went 3rd after the coup, my forces were all but destroyed before I got to take a single turn. It felt as if the entire pre-coup phase (which was 80-90% of the game) was for nothing.

I want to play this game again, because I think that there is a good game in there, but overall, we were pretty disappointed.

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