After Action Report – Hold the Line: Frederick’s War

Chad and I got together to play a small, quick tactical game set in the 19th century. Hold the Line: Frederick’s War looks very much like Commands & Colors: Ancients at first glance. There is a small hex board that can be overlayed with various types of terrain, and the units have a number of morale points (MPs) that function as health points, or number of hits that they can take before being eliminated.

Hold the Line: Frederick’s War

I like the quick action gameplay and the tactical movement. The game is quick to set up and quick to learn. It has a small footprint, which is nice, too. We played the first two scenarios. Chad won one and I won one. In both cases the “attacker” lost, but there were so many turns left over that the attacker has plenty of time to move slowly and methodically if he chooses to do so.

The only thing that we did not like was the swingy-ness of the dice. Chad was rolling nothing but ones for a few turns and could not buy a five or six to save his life. He was frustrated, but took it well. We have all been there with any game that uses dice resolution. I would like to play C&C:A with him sometime to see how the two games compare. He also wants to learn Advanced Squad Leader. Let’s see if the dice still come up snake eyes then!